Compliments and Praise: A gift for you.

One of the best things you can do for you career at any company and across all your companies is a keep a personal copy of every email where someone says “Good Job”, “Great work”, “Your absolutely right”, and “This team delivered the impossible”.

The purpose of keeping a separate folder for these types of email is two-fold:

  1. Every year when you have your annual review its great to add direct attributions that come from your colleagues, peers, and manager complimenting your work throughout the review period. It especially helps if you can counterweight your inevitable mistakes with praises from the CEO on your work on behalf of the company. [1],[2]
  2. Every once in a while you will have a difficult day for reasons you can control and many that you cannot. When those bad days happen, having a folder full of affirmations of all the spectacular things your have done before really helps. [3]

If you find you aren’t getting enough compliments and praise then you should either change your approach or change to a role where you can be successful.

[1] “Ruben, you rock!” — Jeff Bezos.
[2] “I can’t congratulate you enough or say enough about how I feel about this team. I worked with many good teams, but nothing like that, not even close. I love you all! Now let’s get back to work…. ” — Udi Manber
[3] “You gave me some really great advice last year. I’ve been saving the praise I’ve received for my annual review. While it’ll be great for that, it’s also just great to have for the occasional work-related rainy day. Thanks, Ruben :) ”  -kim.

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