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Two posts came out in the past few months that I would like to highlight as they both served to remind me that just about every organization is striving to make great environments for their employees and their customers.

The first is the Netflix “Reference Guide on our Freedom & Responsibility Culture” slide presentation outlining how Netflix chooses to distinguish itself from other organizations. So many great comments are available about it, I will merely add this would be a great resource to crib from if starting a new organization or if you are looking for a successful culture to model.

The second is from Kate Roth that highlights how a high service organization like the Ritz-Carlton encourages and allocates money per employee to impress their guests. I liked this one because it made me think of what employees at a web startup could do to “wow” their customers. In cash strapped start-ups, the “wow” may not be directly monetary, but can certainly be budgeted into the time it takes to deliver a piece of functionality.  This extra functionality would hopefully be something that amuses, astounds or makes the customer’s experience uniquely satisfying in their use of the product.

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